Phone System For Lease Or Purchase

Purchasing a new phone system is a big commitment and we expect you to take the purchase seriously. If you have been looking and have not found the right option for your business needs we make our promise to you to provide a fair deal. If you have been confused and unsure of what the right deal for your business looks like we are more than happy to provide an onsite analysis of your organization’s phone system.

If you have a preferred system or set up you would like to implement into your business such as VoIP or PBX we are more than willing to hear your ideas and make recommendations based on your needs.

Why Should I Use FDM Digital’s Phone System

The main reason we believe we are the preferred choice when it comes to phone system is our 1 account manager policy. Your dedicated account manager for your telephone lines will always answer your calls and see the problem through to the end. At the beginning of your contract, the set-up is generally the hardest process. Once your set-up has been completed it is smooth sailing from then on.

If your business requires we have a separate plan that guarantees no downtime during the initial start-up phase.

Should I lease or purchase a phone system?

Lease or purchase the choice is yours. We recommend before making your decision that you speak with your financial advisor or accountant. Pending the size of your business, an investment in a new system can be extremely large and the right choice will need to be made.

If you are not happy with your current agreement with the businesses phone system we are more than happy to explore the option of buying out your existing contracts.

So don’t wait to give FDM Digital a call today.

We accept all major credit cards an are more than happy to refer you through to a finance business if you need financing for the phone system you are about to purchase.